Incandescent – it is the soft light. Never harsh, always warm in tone, and often described as giving the effects of soft aura illumination. Soft light for doing your makeup, and it is a good option for brushing hair or grooming. The lighted wall mount mirror manufacturer offers great mirror options, best for makeup. But you are doing close-up work cannot be your best bet with incandescent lighting, as there is generally a secondary light source that can alter the results.

Reflections 3-Way Touch Control Wall Lighted Mirror

LED and Fluorescent – These are brighter than makeup wall mirrors with light from glowing bulbs. Their illumination is closer to daylight. Around 70% less than incandescent bulbs. If you choose an LED magnifying mirror, you can never have to change the bulb! The best thing about selecting a mirror with LED or bright lighting is that both save energy a lot.

Reflections LED Lighted Mount Mirror

Light Settings

Most wall-lighted mirrors have just one light setting, but some finest brands and models provide adjustable or flexible lighting. However, Conair has a variety of these top-quality, lighted mirrors to choose from.

Makeup lighted mirrors with lights that adjust are ideal for applying makeup for different environments. These modern mirrors might have High, Medium, and Low settings, like Conair’s Touch Control model, or specific lighting for Daylight, Office, Evening, etc. You will always look your best, regardless of the setting!

Style Savvy Makeup Mirrors

With all the stylish, modern mirror options out there ­­­­– colors, sizes, finishes, shapes, etc. – there is no reason your makeup vanity mirror shouldn’t reflect your taste.

The classics are metal wall mirrors in brushed stainless or nickel, elegant chrome, oiled bronze, and black dull. These metal wall mirrors are always heavier than plastic mirrors and therefore are a little more stable.

But color matters, and many mirrors reflect that trend! Most colored wall mirrors are plastic, though new models in rose gold enhance an elegant hue to metal. As plastic lighted mirrors are lighter in weight than metal, they are probably the more innovative choices for traveling. If selecting a plastic wall mirror, ensure the plastic is high level and durable. Quality counts –  your wall mirror will last longer.

Tabletop Mirrors. Wall-Mounted Mirrors.

Before you purchase, decide where you have to put your mirror. That can make a difference in the magnification level you will want, too. If you select a wall-mounted lighted mirror, you will probably want to choose a higher magnification. If you put a tabletop mount mirror on a dressing table or bathroom counter, you will not want magnification as high. Therefore, look around and decide where you are going to put your light mirror before you purchase! You can also customize your wall mirror and have a guide from the lighted wall mount mirror manufacturer.

Magnifying Makeup wall Mirror with Lights Checklist

  • How much enlargement do you want?
  • Want an average view on one side or various magnification levels on either side?
  • Are you feeling more comfortable with warm shining lighting or brighter LED or fluorescent?
  • Consider a makeup mirror with adjustable lighting if you are not in one place from wake-up to your bedtime.
  • Which kind of wall mirror best fits your style: Trendy colored plastic? Classic metal?
  • Decide where you can place your wall mirror, and then double-check the magnification level you need.
  • Finally, you can check out shape and style choices.

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